the plot

The movie is about the 22 years old Oscar Grant.

Oscar was in the prison for two years because he dealed with drugs.

2008, when he is free again, he decides to change his life.

He decides to be a better man for his girlfriend Sophina, a better father for his little daughter Tatiana and a better son for his mother Wanda Johnson.

So he throws the drugs he still had in his house into the sea and tries to get a legal job at the supermarket.

Oscar is a friendly and helpful person and he doesn't care if someone is black or white, male of female.But changing his life is not as easy as Oscar has expected.


On New Year’s Eve 2008 Oscar and Sophia want to celebrate in San Francisco with some friends. Oscar’s mother proposes to take the Underground to get there. So they did.

On their way home in the underground Oscar gets a dispute with some persons he knows from the prison and they hit him.

When the police arrive they only catch some black people without asking what happened.

When Oscar tries to talk to a police officer he gets hit and the police officer give him some handcuffs. Then Oscar gets shot in the back.

The other people in the underground station just stand there and some of them film it with their mobile phone. But nobody tell the police to stop it.

He was taken to the hospital but he dies because of his injuries on the 1stJanuary 2009.


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