The movie ‘Fruitvale station’ based on a true story.

Early in the morning on the 1st January 2009 Oscar Grant got shot in his back by the police officer Johannes Mehserle and died.

There was a fight in the underground. At the Fruitvale station the police caught Oscar and some other passengers.

Mehserle and some other police officers hold them forcibly and hit them. Mehserle took his gun and shot. Many people filmed it with their mobile phones.

Mehserle’s lawyer means that Mehserle wanted to took his taser, after Oscar put his hand at his waistband because he thought that Oscar had a gun and accidently took his gun. But Oscar didn’t has a weapon.


Johannes Mehserle was at court because of murder. But the jury only judged him for involuntary manslaughter. So Johannes Mehserle had to go to the prison for two years. But he came free after only 11 months.


Oscar’s mother got a compensation of 1.3 million dollars from the underground for her son’s death.

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