‘Fruitvale station’ is a great movie.

The director Ryan Coogler made a really realistic movie out of a very sad background story.

The actors are well chosen. They all play it very realistic. So you could think that they were at the ‘Fruitvale Station’ on the 1st January 2009.


The setting and the music fit perfect to the movie.The setting is well chosen and keeps the movie realistic and exiting. The music is not fast because fast music would not fit to such a story.


A special thing was the ending of this movie. Right after the last scene the screen becomes black and after nearly ten seconds you can read the story behind this movie. You can read what happened on the 1st January 2009 at the Fruitvale station and about the consequences.

Then the screen becomes black again for nearly five seconds. Then they show some shots from an event to remember Oscar Grant on the first January 2013 at the Fruitvale station. They want to show that Oscar is dead but not forgotten.

In the end the screen becomes black a last time for nearly five seconds again before they list the actors.

That way is shown that there happened a really sad story. The audience should realize it and think about what happened on the 1st January 2009 at the 'Fruitvale station'.


A surprising thing is that the main character is not shown like many people would expect it.

Oscar is not shown as a jobless, aggressive person who was in the prison and never shows any feelings. He is shown as a friendly and helpful person. And he is shown as a person who shows it if he is happy, angry or sad.

On this way is shown to the audience that Oscar was a good person who tries to do the right thing.

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